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Mon, January 22, 2018

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Birthday Parties




Minimum 10 people to qualify for birthday party

1 Ticket + 1 Small Popcorn + 1 Small Soda  = $10.00 per person.

If you are going to see 3D movies extra $3.00 per person  =  $13.00 per person.




How to reserve for a birthday party?


One day before the party, inform the theater manager (845 344 2227) how many people, which movie you would like to see and which show you would like to prefer in our published show time schedule.


When to pay and purchase the tickets?


For birthday party we don't take advance payment or sell the tickets early.

We make it simple for everybody. For example, say you invite 25 children. There are many reasons only 20 children shows up for movie. So you pay for 20 children. However, we reserve the seats for 25 that children can sit together and enjoy the show. After everybody sit, we take a count and our friendly staff will serve the popcorn & soda inside the theater. During this service, host can pay (cash only) for this party.


Shall we get same discount to guest children's parents, relatives or friends?

This is up to host:

  1. Host can include these in their package and pay together.
  2. If host don't like to pay for them, they can buy their own tickets and concessions separate at full price and can stay with their children to enjoy the show.  Most of the time parents drop the children to party group and they leave. After two hours (end of the movie) they come back and pickup their children.


How do I know what movies are now playing or future coming movies dates and directions?


Please go our website:

 www.middletowncinemas.net   or www.newmiddletowncinemas.com


Shall we bring outside foods /drink /balloons into theater?


This is prohibited. However, you can bring a birthday cake. If you request, we can keep this cake in our freezer or cooler. At the end of the movie we will arrange a birthday table in the lobby and cut the cake.



Receive showtimes and special announcements via email

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